Discovered! More scientific evidence that chicks are crazy. (29 photos)

a proof chicks are crazy 15 Discovered! More scientific evidence that chicks are crazy. (29 photos)

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  • Equalizer

    >Girl with the BalloonsFor the Last Picture<:
    Yah, used that baby as a bullet proof vest….

  • df09gds

    yeah, kari byron is not crazy, just smoking hot. ditto the tickle torture chicks.

  • Abbie

    we r pretty crazy!!!! lol

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  • xclusive02

    yeah, some bitches are crazy

  • Equalizer

    That ninja girl is cute (even though I couldn’t see her face).

  • MAC64

    The girl with the balloons is from Mythbusters.

  • Anonymous

    Pic 12 (The black and white couple) were a famous sharpshooting duo I think.

  • meh

    LOL @ "real live dear"

  • Paul

    Why is it the females are our species are so damn dumb? Maybe tis why Lucifer tricked Eve instead of Adam, Luci knew Eve was the dumbest one around.

  • Guibombe

    #7 I don't mind her craziness, hockey and nude chicks = TOTAL AWESOME 😀

  • Always Last


  • Anonymous

    I know right, it’s weird isn’t it.

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