I remember when I thought Anna Faris wasn't hot, I was wrong (10 Photos)

anna faris lead I remember when I thought Anna Faris wasn't hot, I was wrong (10 Photos)

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  • EWHS

    She went to my high school. She was a ballerina and was totally boring. I guess I should have made friends back then. fuck.

  • mygenesrtight

    WOW!!!!! Amazingly hot, and Hilarious!!!! Awesome chick!

  • Alex

    neh, u were right.

  • tiggert

    When was she ever not attractive?!
    EWHS you are full of shit, btw

  • Andriy

    to EWHS: Always saying to my kids: “Keep a good connection with You School-mates, there will be enough time in You life, to make an enemies!”
    She is good!

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  • junephilippines

    she really looks like britney spears

  • GP

    She was awesome till she got those ridiculous lips.
    What a waste.

  • Che

    i always thought she was hot …

  • joe

    after seeing her in Just Friends, god she is great at being annoying as sh*t!!

  • mudslngr1

    I never undestood why people did’nt think she was hot all along. Cute face and a tight little body, what’s not to like?

  • hannah

    hot. 🙂

  • StaceyF

    Why do all of TheChives “Around the Web” links not lead to the thing they are describing? Sloppy sloppy.

  • Emperor-Elect

    uhh not hot.. sorry she needs to eat something

  • Joe

    Not so hot, but cuter then some lolcats. Want to take her home and feed, just to see her smile.

    BUT she looks like Lindsay Lohan.

  • Jim

    fapitty fap fap…….

  • blackd19

    no dice

  • angel
  • angel
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  • FatherPatriot

    #4 WOW!!!

  • rocknrollguy

    great body – just something about her face, she looks much older than she is. Not sure…very average face to me. Chivettes rock.

  • PeetKay


  • Always Last


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