The Chive visits Michael Jackson's childhood home in Gary, Indiana. (36 photos)

a michael jackson gary child home 10 The Chive visits Michael Jackson's childhood home in Gary, Indiana. (36 photos)

My sister Emily and friend Meghan decided the best way to cure our hangover from Saturday night’s birfamday festivities (Happy B-day Em!) was to take a road trip from Chicago to Michael Jackson’s hometown, Gary, Indiana to pay our respects to the late, great, legend. We rocked out to MJ’s greatest hits on the way there and the locals continued pumping his music from their front porches and cars once we arrived. Everyone was very nice to us and the hundreds of other “pilgrims” that found closure today in the passing of the Greatest Entertainer of all Time.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    R.I.P. Mike.

  • tiggert

    wait were you talking about those house prices in thousands of dollars?

  • Retard

    triggert r u kidding me did you see that house! No you baboon $500.00 down $250.00 a month (notice the periods) besides that Gary, Indiana is a shit whole

    • ericvdm

      It is. i live a half hour away

  • John

    You was gone too soon? You is our angel guardian? Where is this girls parents so they can pick her up from the dead molesters house, and drop her off at a school?

    • Angel

      That is just rude and wrong have some damn respect asshole

  • JG

    Screw Gary, Indian. All their pollution is coming to Michigan.

  • curt


  • claudia

    ilove you michael jackson alote and i miss you

  • Colin

    If only I had a molitov cocktail or something to throw….

  • katie

    im from gary, indiana and i like it there i love u michael jackson and me and my sisters will miss you

  • diana

    we will miss you Michael Jackson no matter what i loved your music im from Gary,Indiana but im in England at the min staying with my famaliy i love it in Indiana im gonna miss you Michael i feel sorry for your children and Diana Ross and your famaliy

  • Find Here Michael Jackson's Biography , Videos , Music , Awards , Picture Galleries , Lyrics , Dance moves from Greatest Entertainer ever none other than "King Of Pop".

    Michael jackson was an phenominal artist and the Best dancer in the world , no one will be able to come even close to what he had achieved in his Life . Every Song of MJ is My Favourite Song.”I Love You forever”.He was the best . His music is so pure that i feels like i am in complete different world , infact i am listening to his music right now while writing this . Now (you are not alone ) Song is going on , i wish just for once in a life time i would have met him , I just can’t stop loving you Rest in Peace “MJ”.

  • justice08

    I think hes an angel!i will miss him!!!…his music will follow me everywhere I go until I hopefully meet him someday!

  • skepticalhippo

    MJ was indeed a great entertainer. He was, however, a pervert and a child molester. It's amazing how blind people are when it comes to their favorite celebrities.

    On a lighter note, some MJ jokes:

    Did you hear about the new Michael Jackson burger? Fifty-year-old meat between twelve-year-old buns.

    Michael Jackson just died. The Culkin kid is happy but Casper is s***ting himself.

    Did you hear about the Michael Jackson Special at KMart? Little boys' pants are half off.

    Huh-HEE! Jamona.

  • Carol Molex

    I have been in love with Michael Jackson from the moment I laid eyes on him. He will forever be in my heart. I just wish that I would have had the opportunity to let him know how I felt about him. It had nothing to do with his fame. When I looked into his eyes (when I first saw him), I saw something so special and so amazing that it pierced my heart. It is two years later, and I still cannot stop crying over his passing. I love him so very much. I will never forget the look in his eyes. His memory will be tucked away in my heart forever.

  • GB


  • babygirl

    What are u talking about im from gary indiana but i dnt live there anymore and while u are talkin about how thier pollution is coming to michigan…You might wanna talk to the mayor…hes the one thats not doing nothing with the city, using the money he makes as mayor to buy himself things instead of buying things for the city….yeah so lets think before we speak!!

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • asia thurman

    screw michigan

  • diana

    same im from Gary,Indiana

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