Toddler snake charmers in India (15 photos, 1 video)

a child snake charmers 8 Toddler snake charmers in India (15 photos, 1 video)

The nomadic Vadi tribe in India starts training their young to charm snakes as early as 2 years old. Read more about this child abuse HERE
Warning: This video is F’d up.

  • Jackattack

    wow i’ve seen alot on this site,
    but that video is mental. they are just sat chillin’ and filming while the baby crawls around getting repeatedly striked by the cobra. i’m just like WTF!?!?

  • mouse

    The snake’s mouths are sewn shut. The kids are in no danger although it’s still a pretty bad thing to do to your kid.

  • India

    I have heard of a father in India, who followed some weird Hinu ritual where he sacrificed his infant daughter to bless the new house they built. The ritual required burying the baby alive into the foundation as it was being poured.

    • b1ad3

      Dude…quit saying useless crap about India… you can’t even spell Hindu properly and don’t know sh*t about Indian people

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  • diana

    That is absolutely disgusting

  • AntiSocioPath

    Exactally how is this child abuse? The snakes have obviously been fixed so that no one is getting hurt.
    Teaching a child to charm a snake is just like teaching a child on a farm how to work on said farm. For those of you that are going to say it’s not the same thing I’ve lived on a farm so I do know what I’m talking about. There are probably more ways to get hurt or die on a farm then playing with a no longer venoumous snake.
    These children are learning an important part of their culture, how dare anyone say that isn’t right. These people love their children just as much as you and I do. What makes you think they would hurt them? Because they live differently then us, how much more ignorant and snobbish can you get?
    I appreciate that it’s sort of scary to watch because it’s not something we’re used to, but that is why the world is such a wonderful place, because there are so many different kinds of people with all kinds of customs, beliefs, and practice’s.
    Shame on all of you, there are so many more important issues in the world, people actually intentionally hurting others, you’re all complaining about families passing on culture and heritage. It’s just silly!!!

  • Ladylove19682

    I have three children and a grandchild there is no way I would ever place them in harms way like this. Even if the snakes mouths are sewn shut isn’t it teaching the kids not to fear poisonous snakes. What happens when they run into one thats mouth isn’t sewn shut ? Its disgusting. The baby crawling around getting repeatedly struck freaked me out. CRAZY PEOPLE THE PARENTS MUST BE !!!!

    • G.henry

      The child is being trained as a snake charmer. They don't just "run into one that's mouth isn't shown shut." This is a tradition that has been in place for centuries… The children learn in steps about snakes and handling them and the difference between wild snakes and docile snakes.

  • Anonymous

    WTF! Something needs to be done about that! That snake wrapped around that babies neck and while it was strikin it nobody did anyhting wonder if they stopped the snake before it wrapped itself to hard around her neck and killed her!!! People are so sorry and dont deserve to breathe!

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  • Anonymous

    The snakes that the children are holding aren’t cobras. They are sand boas and quite harmless. Many pet store in the US sell them to first time snake owners because they grow no longer than 4 ft and are docile. How do you tell a cobra from sand boas? Look at their snout. A sand boa’s snout is extremely blunt like a worm’s head. The only cobras I see are pretty obvious with their hoods and it looks like the adults teach the kids a healthy amount of respect since they aren’t playing with the cobra and giving it space.

  • lions


  • robin yates

    sewn mouths shut,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bollocks !,,,,,,, seen this in Thailand,,,,,,,,,,,, the snakes mouth is NOT sewn shut

  • ella

    The opinions in this room are making me claustrophobic O_o

  • Justin

    The cobra is obviously not hurting the little one or else she would be crying. It'a a learning experience and part of their culture.
    If you put a small child on the back of a horse that would be more stupid than this since the horse could actually do something to harm the child.

    Stop being stupid people!!! You are all stupid people!
    Very very very stupid!

    You think a little girl is going to crawl around and get bit by a F*#king cobra and not cry???!!!!
    It's obviously safe and less dangerous than setting your child on horseback or simmilar situations our culture sees as introducing our children to our culture.

    Who has a pet pitbull that runs loose in the house with your infant child and you don't worry…?

    Stupid people. Keep talking and making yourselves look even more stupid.

  • karah


  • hottie123


  • Jeffrey


  • Phil

    Dont be foolhardy, the snake isn’t a constrictor, it wont kill the child by wrapping around it’s neck, and the reason they dont stop the snake from striking the baby is because it isnt, all snake charmer’s snakes have their mouths sewn together, this isnt child abuse, its just a little silly.

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