Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.30.09

zebra lead chive Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.30.09

  • robin yates

    the VIP toilet pic is a hoot, ( but not if you are a vip )

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the muslim girl flipping off I'madinnerjacket's driver is still alive.

    • ppmev

      It's Photoshopped. The girl stopped his convoy and asked him something. He then referred her to someone in the back of his convoy who could respond to her request. The Iranians are not that bad as the West makes them out to be.

  • robert ball

    The funny thing about the anti computer sign is that t was probably done at a copy shop which USES computers! But these types are never very much logical in their thinking anyway!

    • B.E.R.

      Nope, god himself came down and emblazoned each letter one by one on the cardboard.

      • mattheadface

        God invented kerning

  • Dave

    Is that a real tattoo on that woman? I’m kinda impressed…

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