Morning confidence booster (25 photos)

a weird crazy people exist 20 Morning confidence booster (25 photos)

  • omnomnomnom

    dibs on #2 and the one in the water

  • Abbie

    Holy crap a zombie!!! (9th picture)

  • Digitsis

    #4 – that’s a chick in need of some serious waxing

  • robin yates

    pics 2 and 18 are seriously ugly !,,,,,,,

  • Loli

    That guy with the dreads, he must have been a real rasta, prolly grew those sence he was born.

  • pazuzu

    the last one ….eewwwwwwww –

  • kriterial

    Number 4: Dude or chick?

    Neither, it’s Sanjaya!

  • lizzay

    The girl with the horse smile… ew.

    Sadly, I know someone who smiles just like that and no one else I know thinks it’s weird.

  • Kim

    #8 the woman dressed in white with a tiara, must be the first zombie who starts the apocalypse

  • Jcool

    WOOOOWW MAN…… those special effects are bad ass.*sarcasm*

  • reecedawg1

    this is the biggest fucking collection of inbreds I have ever seen…

  • DUH

    That’s the south for ya..

  • AshTheMohican

    Google "DENTI DI CAVALLO"!!

  • Anon

    the first and last one is shopped. its a guy's face from a japanese prank show where he's in this room getting shot up by gangsters.

  • phydor

    damn this is one scary post

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