There are sexy Chivers among us Part 2 (20 Photos)

chive summer lead There are sexy Chivers among us Part 2 (20 Photos)

Thanks to all the girls who sent us photos, especially Chiver Summer Alexis, you rock. More hot photos of her here. If you’ve got what it takes, send your hot photos to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. And don’t worry, we get millions of monthly visitors so it’ll only make you famous n’ stuff. Also, don’t be shy, if you’re holding a sign that says “(insert name) loves The Chive” you’re chances increase…big time.

  • WTD

    Most of these girls are U_G_L_Y

  • robin yates

    all lovely girls but pic 16, the girl in a pink dress,,,, she is superb

  • Justin

    SEXY chivers??? There are NO such thing as a SE—uh huy uo god……you have a towel?

  • Adam

    omfg i like chive 😛 du you have their contacts?:P

  • robin yates

    I had another look,,,,,,,,,,, some beautiful women here,,,,,,,,many thanks for posting

  • Laurawwrrrrr

    YAY ! its me 🙂

  • sunny


  • Truffles

    The failing being that most of those pictures are available all over the internet and have been for some time, so either stupid people submitted them to try and be clever and you fell for it, or you went and found them to make yourselves look good.

  • Zachery

    where do you find these sexy pics? those girls making out really turn me on… how can i meet them?

  • Miziou

    loved it 🙂

  • peaceman

    you people are fucked aalot of these girls dont even look like there 16 i like hot girls but like serously wtf

  • harish talreja

    teekhi mirchi
    is very sweet &hot

  • Puritania

    #9 is hella cute

  • ar tee

    #5 #5 #5 and more please of #5

  • deric

    #2 moar preeze

  • Matt

    #9 is very hot ….google TiffyToodlePoo (sounds ridiculous, but I'm serious…)…DEFINITELY NSFW

    Also #5 #7 #16 are hot as hell

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