Megan Fox '04 vs. Megan Fox '09 (10 Photos)

megan fox compare Megan Fox '04 vs. Megan Fox '09 (10 Photos)

  • Gem

    she looks so rank in the first picture

    • The Mad Zak

      WHAT? Are you smoking crack? She is hot!

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  • sunny


  • ..

    Piece of heaven . . .

  • Equalizer

    How the hell did she end up dating those dickheads?

    • Phil m wiener

      Hot Chix dig dooshes thats the deal if you want hot chix become a dooshbag…

  • One Sick Puppy

    You can tell with the first douchebag that she’s not happy sitting next to him. She’s like “oh my god…I can’t believe I am on the jumbotron sitting next to this sacklicker”. haha

  • Scott

    I don't understand your kids fascination with Meagan Fox. Sure she's hot, but she isn't anything special

    • The Mad Zak

      That's cool. I hear that a lot from gay guys.

      • Katoun

        And real men with good tastes in looks AND personality. You don't want a hot girl if she's crazy :))

    • LP Starr

      Scott you must be gay.

  • aaron

    mila kunis =megan fox x1000

  • Rina

    I agree with aaron, Mila Kunis is way more beautiful.

  • mabimpact

    She does not look like the Megan that i have wa ched on the Fox News Channel. Must be 2 different Megan Foxes.

    the 04 could resemble her,but the 09 has no resemblece what so e verr.

    Mary Alice

    • Dave

      You do know that the Megan on FOX news is Megan Kelly, not Megan Fox. People don't take the name of their job as their last name.


      Dave MaleFluffer

  • tonka tough

    04 megan is better. sure 09 megan is sooo fine, something about 04 megan.

  • david

    the first douchenozzle is that kid from 7th heaven… i guess good wholesome family tv really can get u anything in life

  • Maggot

    Hide those thumbs!

  • mith

    I still think she's over rated…. 04 she looked bette. NOw she looks like she needs to get off the self tanner and eat a cheeseburger.

  • jochtr

    In the next-to-last photo, they lengthened her thumbs with Photoshop!

    • Colleen

      why would they do that! it totally does look like they did too, but whyyyy!

    • Big D

      Man I can totally believe it and find myself full of doubt now, what's real, what's not real. Here, eat this

    • Benjamin

      Nope she used to be a dude

  • Bustanut

    Most women could use a little plastic surgery, but megan fox was really a buttaface

  • Jake

    Doesn't compare. when you put real life pictures to photo shots…. LAAAAAAME

    • Johnson


      So basically we're comparing paparazzi photos (04) to professional photo shoots (09) …

  • Bob

    Still hot but '04 was more innocent

  • Jawbone

    She was just waiting to upgrade to a more famous asshole to be a cumdumpster for.

    • Vomit eater

      I like the way you say cumdumpster…

  • fun

    From the neck down–hot, hot, hot. From the neck up–at least in some of the pix–looks like she might bite your head off. You want the good parts, but I dunno about the other…a bit scary.

  • OK Chiver

    I'll take the Chivettes 🙂

  • Cindy

    Cause it’s not really Megan fox.

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