It's Friday, your car could use some motivation (20 Photos)

auto motivational posters It's Friday, your car could use some motivation (20 Photos)

Many more gems over at Ridelust!

  • robin yates

    some awesome cars and trucks there,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks,,,,,,,,,,, a friend in the uk has an Evo 8 with 700bhp and it is street legal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • bob

      I had to look up what the fuck an "evo 8" was. And most of those "awsome cars and trucks" were featured because they're fucking retarded. You are a douchebag.

      For everyone else…an "evo 8" is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that some douche (like the above) has spent tens of thousands of dollars modifying so that it looks shitty and is almost (but not quite) as fast as a comparably priced base model Corvette.

  • chiverockers

    “Deutschland” and “Muslim Drivers,” photos were awesome

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