Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.06.09 (20 Photos)

shark zebra lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.06.09 (20 Photos)

  • digitsis

    Ronald McDonald is just plain creepy

  • Inulin

    That big fire hydrant is in Beaumont, TX.

  • Fe1

    A gian Gopher? Possum? Muskrat? Help me out, here, I’m a city girl.

    • B


  • jackrabbit

    a Capybara! world’s largest rodent, native to the amazon region.

  • robin yates

    some superb pics here,,,,,,,,, the back pic of a Rastafarian is amazing

  • Th30d0r4

    What's with the hair? Ew.

    • Underhill

      Rastas don't cut their hair — ever.

  • MentalFloss

    The ear protector caps may be funny to most people, but man do I ever wish I had those when I used to dye my hair…

  • kikiklass

    The blonde chick has her wrong leg lifted. Sure sure, it had to be the blonde ;p

    • Underhill

      The last gal doesn't have her hand on her hip.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1341570847 Kevin Taylor

    The second picture would be the most boss tattoo ever!!!

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