How NOT to stop a jumper in China (4 photos)

a suicide hose china 0 How NOT to stop a jumper in China (4 photos)
Don’t worry, we would never post anything morbid on The Chive! There was a giant inflatable cushion below to catch the jumper.

I guess they are just inpatient in China…why talk a guy down from the ledge when you can simply force him down and get it over with?


  • robin yates

    the Chines guy survived ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, more pics of failed saves please

  • me

    “Never would post anything morbid”
    Thought I saw a bloated suicide pic here a month ago

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  • Thabo

    Wonderful job in sincetelg peaceful shots…they are definitely evoking some restful moments. 🙂 Hope things calm down a bit for you, too.

  • Ron

    Well, that was embarassing!

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