• Shadow

    Wow….just wow…

  • Nekaun

    amazing XD

  • Angelo

    It’s good to know no matter how much I play video games I will never be this much of a dork.

  • Robin

    I’m pretty sure if I was his parent I would have flown into that room and ripped out the internet cord and then lock his out of the computer so he could no longer play his game and yell at the computer monitor that he was going to eat someone’s first born……

    agreed angelo! haha

  • Megan

    This is the single greatest thing i have seen in a month.
    I love this!

  • Gogo

    It’s just sad.

  • latallal

    Well, at least he didn’t try putting a remote into his ass again…

  • victor

    😐 that’s unbelievable… does anyone have any idea of the game this prick is playing ?

  • digitsis

    is this the same kid that freaked out in his room over not being allowed to play? Has some anger management issues

  • George

    I just feel bad for the dog in this video!

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  • karma

    Staged like all the other posts this kid does

  • hellooo

    I think he has some kind of anger problem.
    All that over a video game, what an ass.

  • RiHughes

    Ladies and gentlemen…….I give you the future.

  • mike

    love how the kid with the camera shhed the camera

  • Anonymous

    thats the funniest accent in the”freekin”world.
    americans are weird people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its a game ya fuckin sap.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/skainviatofane skainviatofane

    dog just escaped

  • Da Sandman

    dog's like: screw this sh*t, i'm outa here

  • Bang

    Stop watching videos on the internet and get your bitch ass in the kitchen.

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