Know what's awesome? Knee-high socks (20 Photos)

sexy stocking lead Know what's awesome? Knee high socks (20 Photos)

Special thanks to Joe G. for the idea and some of the amazing photos.

  • latallal

    Truly awesome.

  • robin yates

    I agree !…….. the best are black stockings with or without a suspender belt,,,,,,,,,,,,,instant effect

  • Gogo! I just love when my day starts like this 🙂 The Chive rulles !

  • Do they even serve sushi on Tatooine - Xaotik Designs

    […] are some nice “socks” you have […]

  • D

    Who is the girl in the 10th photo? She may be one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen!

  • Equalizer

    They are all HOT for me!!!…

  • RiderFan

    Bland and boring. Pantyhose is more attractive but that is my opinion. I wish you all much enjoyment from these images.

  • Nick

    Yeah…I know.

  • Great Odin's Ravin !

    Joss Stone… that is all.

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    a lot of them were just stockings…

  • Steve

    mmmm my favorite fetish

  • masturbator

    i wanked out over number 2 and 4

  • Benjamin H McCue

    schweet bad day just got awesome

  • The classic long knee high or thigh high different colored argyles are the sexiest. Talk about a solid rod. If all sexy chicks wore them all the time, it would be heaven. High socks only is my FAVORITE fetish.

    Love high sox. Give them to me.

  • Rokkon

    Knee socks are awesome!

    If you like them, just click on my name to check out my blog. You'll find a lot of them over there!

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