Smart car may cause you to look like a moron (6 photos)

a smart car mini 4 Smart car may cause you to look like a moron (6 photos)

  • tiggert

    these all look like the little cars little kids ride around in

  • robin yates

    in the new world, big gas guzzlers are dinosaurs,,,,,,,,,,, small fuel efficient, whether petrol, diesel,electric or hybrid have to be the way forward,,,,,,,,,The chinese have electric buses/coaches with a battery life of half a million K's,,,,,,,,,,,,,the first pic of a Smart, has a 5 star crash rating

    • yaterade

      Also guaranteed to get you a five star friendzone rating and zero gallons of pussy for the lifetime of the vehicle

  • John

    These cars are awesome! What is moronic about them? Or how could they make you look like a moron. I think the moron is the idiot who bought the huge gas guzzler in the first photo. Get a clue, if we don’t cut back on fuel usage we pay more and will soon run out.

  • Gill Avila

    Awesome? It looks like it’s already been in an accident. It has no spare tire and the cargo room of a milk crate. It looks like something Elmer Fudd would drive.

  • Matt

    There are only 5 photos

  • robin yates

    Nissan starts production of a 5 seater,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 miles between charges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,90mph,,,,,,,, 5 year battery life,,,,,,,,,,, in the USA next year

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  • eedgan

    I think the smart car is the cutest car ever… but I think its a car for a chick, guys look like clowns squeezed ino them!

  • J

    Can not wait to see one of these demolished by a Ford Excursion. The Irony will be just too sweet.

  • Timbo

    smart cars are roomier than you might think

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