Sooooo, you got wasted (20 Photos)

baby doll drunk Sooooo, you got wasted (20 Photos)

  • Gogo

    I have some memories like these….

  • Anniemist

    I can’t remember if I do or not

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  • Lai-Lai

    I love doing stuff like that to piss-drunk people.

  • princess

    wat duhhhhh f**k.numberrrrr 12.i kindaaaa findddd it kuteee thouqhhhh.

  • mirou

    be ware, may be one day you will find you picture too,

    no, seriously, be responsible, alcohol is not good for health, it causes lot of deases and you can kill someone or rape when you’re drunk, so please, be careful

  • gaatha

    who needs foes when you have friends like that.

  • j t

    I honestly think the picture of the guy holding the baby doll passed out is me!! lol id really like to know if it is!!!

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