Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.08.09 (20 Photos)

lol baby lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.08.09 (20 Photos)

Bruno photo courtesy MTV.com

  • robin yates

    as usual,,,, more pics which are different,,,,,,,,,,,,,,many thanks

  • aaron

    haha jager man, what a moron.

  • digitsis

    poor moose

  • ken

    That moose shot is going to give me nightmares. Terrifying way to go.

  • robin yates

    as an overweight person gets bigger and bigger,,,,,,,do they never think to themselves, why am I getting so gross ?

    • Underhill

      They also think, ''Why is the rest of the world so small and un-comfortable?''

  • Underhill

    Stretching the History of African-American Music about a hundred years, how about
    Scott Joplin??

  • Olivia


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