Michael Jackson tattoos coming out of the woodwork (16 Photos)

home alone lead Michael Jackson tattoos coming out of the woodwork (16 Photos)

Thanks to Matt S. for sending these in. I’m told there are plenty more over at Buzzfeed.

  • lolosan

    Mj was and always will be the king of pop shit hiz da king of hearts so to da idiots hu keeo hating this legend fuck yol oh n da motherfucker who tattood mj molasting a kid fuck u

  • Robo Cop

    Better on your ass than in it

  • kentuckycactus


  • cyrstal

    You are more weird then he ever was!! I would proudly get his face tattooed on my body;these tats are great!Before you judge him or call him a child molester do your damn homework,they have recorded proof that he didn’t do it and the accusers just wanted the money. Rock on Mike!


    you guys that go aganist these people are stupid i would do wdf .. fcking MJ haters .. its true behind EVERY successful person there is ALWAYS A PACK of haters .. when it comes to MICHAEl there are MILLIONS *

  • top dog

    please do….

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