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Nature's odd couple, babes and big fish (18 Photos)

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babes fish lead Nature's odd couple, babes and big fish (18 Photos)

Thanks to Chris Lee for sending this in. There are tons more over at Field and Stream!

  • jeffzero

    Someone needs to thank the kid for the assist on #14..

  • sourgas

    “Babes” is used very loosely in this post. Yeech.

  • John

    * I apologize for illegal use of ‘babes’. it just sounded like a nice title.

  • flav

    It’s unwritten in the bible, but Eve was a nympho, after she exhausted Adam she went and f***ed all the land animals, after getting tired of them she went to explore the sea, since then the natural smell of fish is a unknown to all.

  • robin yates

    girls with fish,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good ! girls with anything as long as there are girls,,,,,,,,,, very good !!!

  • googo

    Yupe, these babes are awesome. But in some pictures the fish is more eye-catching !

  • Robo Cop

    She got that salmon on a fly rod!
    I’d like to propose.

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  • Abbie

    the last one lol

  • Beefy

    Man… two things I love. Hot women and fishing… my thanks to The Chive for sharing these and to Field and Stream for sharing to The Chive!

  • Bret

    Can I eat your snapper?

  • Will

    Thanks Chive/F&S for once again raising the standards of what my gf needs to be. Just when I thought I found a good one you go and make me think of another standard, I mean sure shes hot and cooks and plays video games, but she doesnt fish… guess its back to the dating pool for me

  • jethro

    #17 has the perfect "babes to fish" ratio. OK and the best probability of lower back problems.

  • bloop

    The girl with the boots wins. She caught TWO fish and is hottest😀

  • Carlos

    “Fish & Chicks” would have been a better title. (Fish & Chips, now I’m hungry!)

  • Fruit of My Loom

    Can’t believe you just wasted a minute of your life writing that.

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