Nature's odd couple, babes and big fish (18 Photos)

babes fish lead Nature's odd couple, babes and big fish (18 Photos)

Thanks to Chris Lee for sending this in. There are tons more over at Field and Stream!

  • jeffzero

    Someone needs to thank the kid for the assist on #14..

  • sourgas

    “Babes” is used very loosely in this post. Yeech.

  • John

    * I apologize for illegal use of ‘babes’. it just sounded like a nice title.

  • flav

    It’s unwritten in the bible, but Eve was a nympho, after she exhausted Adam she went and f***ed all the land animals, after getting tired of them she went to explore the sea, since then the natural smell of fish is a unknown to all.

  • robin yates

    girls with fish,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good ! girls with anything as long as there are girls,,,,,,,,,, very good !!!

  • googo

    Yupe, these babes are awesome. But in some pictures the fish is more eye-catching !

  • Robo Cop

    She got that salmon on a fly rod!
    I’d like to propose.

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  • Abbie

    the last one lol

  • Beefy

    Man… two things I love. Hot women and fishing… my thanks to The Chive for sharing these and to Field and Stream for sharing to The Chive!

  • Bret

    Can I eat your snapper?

  • Will

    Thanks Chive/F&S for once again raising the standards of what my gf needs to be. Just when I thought I found a good one you go and make me think of another standard, I mean sure shes hot and cooks and plays video games, but she doesnt fish… guess its back to the dating pool for me

  • jethro

    #17 has the perfect "babes to fish" ratio. OK and the best probability of lower back problems.

  • bloop

    The girl with the boots wins. She caught TWO fish and is hottest 😀

  • Carlos

    “Fish & Chicks” would have been a better title. (Fish & Chips, now I’m hungry!)

  • Fruit of My Loom

    Can’t believe you just wasted a minute of your life writing that.

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