Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.09.09 (20 Photos)

picture dad lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.09.09 (20 Photos)

Sidewalk chalk penis brought to you by Regretful Morning, a truly great site.

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  • WTD


  • robin yates

    boring ????? I think it is WTD who is lacking imagination

  • Digitsis

    What is with the steam roller out in the field? The wave pictures is great.

  • curlyperm44

    how long after u submit a pic does it take to post, and how do u find it??????????

  • Anonymous

    That horse is drunk….quick get it a kebeb.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I meant ‘kebab’, you all shutty!.

  • Anonymous

    The last pic still makes me giggle.

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