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It's Thursday, you could use some motivation (17 Photos)

motivated parenting lead It's Thursday, you could use some motivation (17 Photos)

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  • Awesome Judge


  • jeffzero

    that is total bs.. everyone knows a level 80 paladin would be holding a shield and a one handed weapon, and not a two handed sword… roflmao… wut a newb..

  • LOL

    Thank you! I needed the motiveation. Too bad they don’t make a cage big enough for teenagers. 😛

  • rob

    Too bad the aircraft carrier is actually the Nimitz

  • Adam

    who is awesome? chive is awesome
    btw. jeffzero & rob – if u dont like it, dont ruin others’ day 😀

  • mar

    cool !!

  • Rude Dog

    Find the balcony girl !!!!! WOW !!!!

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