You're not a superhero, you're a douchebag (18 Photos)

wolverine satire You're not a superhero, you're a douchebag (18 Photos)

The good sport up top here is Chiver/Wolverine Jonathan Passow. He runs a pretty damn good site called Experience the ‘dark side of the mullet’

  • xclusive02

    thought this was dumb until the last supermam (woman) outfit. now the album is ok

  • Jonathan Passow

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The first one is me!!! Thanks for ignoring my copyright and using my likeness without my consent. 😉

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  • latallal

    I suddenly feel quite good about myself!

  • Digitsis

    you just know some of those guys are thinking ‘damn I look good in this.’ To the guy in the box – you’re not even trying.

  • junephilippines

    flash in red suit is hot!!!

  • Verona Rat

    the flash is Hot! The dude with the cape and like a metal cup, WTF??? And I think the guy dressed as um, what’s his face from Silent Hill is kind of neat.

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  • Diamonds

    Worth it for the last bit.

  • billiam5billion

    I thought the silent hill dude was actually pretty good

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape


    At least Superwoman evens things out…

  • Iamaneviltaco

    Half of those are awesome. Nightmare and Pyramid head, for example, and that space marine doom thing. As for super girl…. wait. So hot girls wearing next to nothing are douchebags now? God am I glad I don’t live in your world.

  • robin yates

    what do these people do in the real world ?,,,,,,doctors,,, politicians,,,,abortionists,,,,,,,,,,, church ministers, ???

  • robin yates

    you should be so very proud Jonathan,,,,,,,,,

  • robert ball

    Number 7 is – well, pathetic. Nothing else you can say about that.

  • Anonymous

    The SC Nightmare and Gears of War Cosplays are epic !

    all other fail 😀

  • Aaronisadouche

    not all of them were doughbags.
    this post failed.

  • mattythegooch


  • AshTheMohican

    Eminem portrays the role of Marcus Phoenix in the upcoming Gears of War movie.

  • buster nut

    Supergirls a douche?

  • duhveed

    find super girl!!!!!!

  • Rhisc

    …and no one notices Captain America's carrying a German WWII luger.

  • Robo Cop

    Well…Jonathan the results of the testing have come back and….YOU ARE A DOUCHEBAG

  • LOL

    There was a need for testing? :o!

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