Dead sexy Jennifer Garner photo gallery (23 photos)

a jennifer garner hot bikini 22 Dead sexy Jennifer Garner photo gallery (23 photos)

  • lol

    Affleck is one of the luckiest bastards on the planet.

  • Champ


  • Jonathan Passow

    Never found her sexy at all and her kid is a freakin’ goblin. A goblin I say!

  • Alex

    Cmon, there are plenty beautiful women, why feature Jennifer Garner?! Btw her face aint that sexy either!

  • chivetalker

    Jennifer Garner is one FINE lookin’ woman. What a beautiful smile.


    j’aiveux etre votre abonnee’ envoi mua tou le photo porno par mail

  • Anonymous

    Pics five and fifteen are stunning.

  • DaddyD

    She doesn’t do much for me. Her looks are better than Ben’s acting …

  • skye

    The thing that makes her stunning is that her looks are unique. No one else can look quite like her. Amazing!

  • nogalito

    i agree with daddy d lol. Still pretty hot tho

  • Jenny is our God

    Did only me have orgasm after see this pics?

  • Solangi

    I am not agree u r comments because she is gorgeus and good actress

  • StPatrick

    I love that all of you 85 year old, 300 lb. shut ins feel superior enough to critique a gorgeous woman's looks. There will always be MORE attractive women and MORE talented actors because those are subjective viewpoints. However, on NO planet in the universe is this woman not gorgeous.

  • Tjw

    Holy ish imma long time Chiver nd never knew this gallery was here. Maybe u could do one on Jessica biel?

  • bex

    Wow its amazing how some one can change after kids

  • Anonymous


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