Tricked out Saudi Honda Accord (25 photos)

a saudi honda accord tricked out4 Tricked out Saudi Honda Accord (25 photos)

  • googo

    Lol, the transformers are attacking !

  • Verona Rat

    Honestly, I think that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Really? A Honda Accord??? A Bentley, yeah makes sense, but a Honda? Wow, Fast and Furious all over again. lol

  • Lou

    All that oil money and the switch panel looks like garbage? Nothing is lined up, plus…those switch are from radio shack…another 100 bucks and the switches could have been hidden…tards..

  • latallal


  • lol

    Why do some of the switches have covers that say “Baby go” and the others, both directions are “On”? And really, a drywall screw?!? WTF?

    Other than that, I’m glad they had fun. Idiots. LOL

  • Andy S.

    Ugh. Nice Radio Shack console, and what’s the point of having the rear doors swivel like that? Wouldn’t it just make it a pain in the ass to close the doors properly? Likewise, the side-opening trunk doesn’t make things any easier. And the french-door hood? That would make working on the engine a royal pain, and an extra seam down the middle of the hood would make this thing less aerodynamic, if anything.

    And I *sincerely* doubt that this car is ever driven hard enough to make the *ridiculous* amount of negative camber on the rear wheels worthwhile. Rather, this car probably handles like crap and goes through tires like nobody’s business.

    So basically, this is a car that has been modded by someone with too much money and no clue about (or appreciation for) automobiles.

    • wtf?

      i havent seen a show car in my life that is functional for everyday use thats why they are called show cars…

    • Jim Reuss

      plus it has air bag suspension so it can be raised and lowered. negative camber will go away when it gets raised.

  • dumdum

    To LOL, maybe one side says “on” and the other says “no”.

    They sure do like hinges.

  • Sigh

    The reason gas is $4 a gallon, right there.

  • Anonymous

    I did not know they had N!GG@RS in Saudi…

    • nigga

      fuck you cracker..

  • omnomnomnom

    what a douchenozzle

  • robin yates

    not my cup of tea, but a high score for someone who does what THEY want,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous


  • xclusive02

    WOw. This makes me think of all the possibilites I can do with my Honda.

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  • dsfsdf

    this shit is 2 yrs old

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  • paul

    rear wheels are falling off

  • hey fucko

    If it was an ’88 Accord, then it would be cool.

  • B


  • jim

    i like it for what it is

  • Luger

    If that was some white dude, you guys would be like "OMG i want that car". Since it's a guy from the middle east it's a "waste of money". Dumb racists

    • Johnniringo

      It doesn't matter who it is, its a stupid idea. I don't care if he's brown, white, yellow or green. He's still a retard. You're the dumb racist.

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  • paskal

    old news cant be this interesting. way to go dude!

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  • Sahiim

    Why you guys make funny about my automobile?

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