Tricked out Saudi Honda Accord (25 photos)

a saudi honda accord tricked out4 Tricked out Saudi Honda Accord (25 photos)

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  • Matt

    thats just stupid.

  • masterkylelewis

    i like this i might actually research this more in depth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • custom hondas

    I know this post is old and stuff but the car is awesome.. Glad someone just did something outrageous besides fart cans on hondas

  • dale

    stop hatin all you pussies who cant afford to think out of the box!!!big up to the back doors…the world was made to go round and round ..not in and out!!!!not like your dad did to your mom to get retards like you haters!!!!appreciate dont discriminate bitches!!!!old but not cold…

  • Saffer

    Car pics without bikini girls are worthless.

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  • david

    lol at the guy going into performace issues. Dont get me wrong the car is whack as f@ck, but an accord was never ment to be a race car sorry… so i highly doubt he is worried about aerodyamics. and the rear wheels are obviously cambered like that due to air ride.. this car was never ment to see a track. The car was is obviously a show car not a daily driver so i doubt he worrys about how convienent everyhting is. Sorry thought it was funny how you ragged on stupid stuff like that.

  • sensible

    Very hard hitting statement (True though)

  • Namegoeshere

    It’s called a double throw switch.

  • Namegoeshere

    You doubt it would ever be driven hard enough to make that camber useful? Clearly you don’t know what camber is even for or you wouldn’t have made that comment.

    Off course that much camber won’t be useful, no matter how hard you drive. Past a few degrees, camber is a detriment. That stuff was obviously designed for show, not performance.

  • Anonymous

    there’s always that one guy on every message board that plays the race card. shut the f*ck up.

  • MySilver_08

    You bitch ass motherfucker… not surprised at all by your actions.. CUNT FACE!

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