Daily morning randomness 7.15.09 (26 photos)

a random funny morning 23e 10 Daily morning randomness 7.15.09 (26 photos)

  • xclusive02

    pretty good.

  • me

    Hi guys. I really appreciate all of the hard work you do here. I visit the site almost every day.

    But PLEASE don’t put the Chive watermark over the funny text on the photos. The retarded kitten needs my WHAT?!?!?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Me, it’s like an ad-lib. Add your own body part!

  • Anonymous

    Thinking about it, if I oppened the door and saw all those cats I ‘d be frickin’ worried.

  • F-u

    Wow! That’s a long.. pony.. tail.. ._.

  • LegionDairy

    screw you, i can too have both feet on the ground AND kick ass.

    no fat people allowed in britain i guess….hahahahaha

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