Facebok girls with lower back problems. Part 3 (20 photos)

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  • latallal

    This honestly made my day!

  • jozef

    the sixth photo like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!! damn

  • xclusive02


  • Awesome Judge


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  • buttfroth

    I always feel sorry for the *other* girl in these pictures.

    • Phillyfanjd

      there are other girls in these pics?

  • bxdfg

    put the names of the girls… for scientific purposes

  • robin yates

    big tits become saggy tits sadly

    • Flicka

      yes but now? AWESOME! Carpe that old diem!

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  • northerner

    Um…no. For the most part, their boobs are WAY TOO BIG. WAY…

    Big boobs become navel bouncers in a few short years. Most all of those lovely ladies are prime candidates for breast reduction surgery. Or they will wish they had…

    I don't have a boob fixation. Legs….another matter. You betcha…but NOT big boobs. Poor girls…

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      • Lance Northway

        ^Yeah, you're a dick.

    • Lance Northway

      Me neither, I like em high en tight. Legs, o yes. Asses too.

    • mofoofom

      your new favorite website is theberry.com

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  • animad

    the number 10

  • Dev

    The girl in photo #3 is named jackie something i've met her before.

    • Mike

      Facebok? What is this Facebok you speak of? I think the title is supposed to start with Facebook.

    • n.d

      jackie ………..?

    • Roman

      It seems Marmaris Palace hotel in Turkey. Was there, pretty nice.

  • fh

    my wee wee feels funny

  • WeirdGuy

    Someone failed the pencil test

  • Jim Johnson

    Large breasts are a bit gross–pendulous and sloppy. I prefer smaller, well shaped breasts. I've heard that those men who like big-breasted women are actually lusting after their mothers.

    • blackwatchrasta


    • mofoofom

      well, you failed the straight test

  • wahyoe


  • wahyoe

    where woman indonesia

  • xclusive02

    their poor backs

  • james

    if you dont liek big tits youre an idiot

  • Anonymous

    啊 啊 啊 大波妹

  • abilities651

    YESSIR!!!!!!!!! my kinda photos

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  • parki

    If you mean a front-backbone-deformation, you probably mean lordosis, not skoliosis.

  • Mikeh

    sa cycki, jest okejka.

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