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Hipsters: Douchebag sunglasses required (20 Photos)

hipster lead sunglasses Hipsters: Douchebag sunglasses required (20 Photos)

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  • robin yates

    when these people look in the mirror,,,,,,,,,,,what do they see ?

    • njgdkre

      They give shit to themself for being so mainstream wearing the same gear as themself…

  • xclusive02

    I want to be a f*cking hipster. I only wish….

  • jozef

    where is kanye !?!

  • digitsis

    where do they get those fabulous sunglasses?

  • Anonymous

    look at these fucking hipsters

  • omnomnomnom

    look at these fucking hipstersX2

  • Psara

    This post contains more win than I ever knew existed.

  • Eamer

    F*cking Hipsters are so cool.

  • Lacey

    Are these pictures from the ’80s?

  • top dog

    DAMN!!!!!!! Some people are just…………..DAMN!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is the Asian guy Peelander Yellow??????

    • Bummer


  • Bevets

    #1 and #2 make me want to kill myself.

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