Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.16.09 (20 Photos)

photo zebra lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.16.09 (20 Photos)

  • robin yates

    the Phuket sign is exactly my kind of humour

  • xclusive02

    LOL at the one squirrel one cup. WOW. FUNNY.

    And how many spikey hair douches can you put in one picture? Unreal.

  • xclusive02

    The MJ tat is one of the most unique tats I have seen in awhile. I know there are alot of MJ tats, but that was done very nice

  • digitsis

    that first one looks shopped

  • ella

    Im sure that caring for michael now let alone getting a tattoo is unique -___-

  • ken

    Doin’ it on the Ferris Wheel! I guess it doesn’t qualify for the “MIle High Club,” but maybe the “200 Feet Club?”

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