Daily morning randomness 7.16.09 (26 photos)

a random funny df 33 Daily morning randomness 7.16.09 (26 photos)

  • digitsis

    Nice ‘sturgeon face’ Barack

    • trollin

      obama is the biggest fuck tard in the whole world….. Worst president ever i would love to take a shit in his mouth while he is asleep…..

  • LOL

    The Sumo chick & gal doing the splits would put a hurt on a man unlike anything they’ve ever known…of course for entirely different reasons! LOL

  • xclusive02

    The dog as a gun one reminds me of the Laser Cats episode on SNL

  • jeffzero

    The Barrage O’ Scooters is insane.. Did you notice the scooter right about the Chive logo? there are 3 kids on the back of that scooter, with the adult in from with the helmet. That could qualify for parent of the year honors.

  • robin yates

    I have seen 6 on a small motorcycle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,common in SE Asia

  • Anonymous

    insane sturgeon face mr president

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Is that… Dr. House?

  • Eduardo

    What the hell the guy back-packing a TV. This must weight about 30Kg.

  • Anonymous

    As if drving a car around the wall of death isn’t dangerous enough you have to do it with a frickin’ lion.

  • Rawrbies

    Love the banana one.

  • bob

    #31 is the Swarovski headquarters in Switzerland. I was there in '97. This must be the back of the building–the front has a head just like it, but with a walkway and entrance to the underground facility. No shit, it's very Bond villanous. Complete with aloof German speaking blonds and guards with assault rifles.

  • Milly

    It sure as hell is Doctor House. Yumm.

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