Blushing Russian brides, before and after (25 Photos)

russian bride lead Blushing Russian brides, before and after (25 Photos)

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  • DavidT

    Meh….not much improvement on most of them.

  • Maverick

    LOL….Don’t see a lot of change in any of the pictures.

  • xclusive02

    WOW, THEY went from horrible to bad.

  • Evihc

    Please drink 2 bottles of Vodka before you watch this.

  • robin yates

    seems to me, just because other contributors to this post are biased against anything non american,,,,,,,,,,,their eyes are glazed and blind,,,,,,all the Russian women I have met, are exactly the same as any other country,,,,,,,,,some beautiful,,,,some ordinary and some not so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but the level of obesity is way, way below america

  • Abbie

    robin yates do you hate america?

  • Jonathan Passow

    How much for the little one?

  • Evihc

    half bottle 😀

  • Jack

    Robin Yates. Robin, please, shut the fuck up. Why is it when anyone says anything at all, nothing even close to being “Pro-American”; you burst into an Anti-American rant? Either leave the site or shut the fuck up, what ever you decide, I want you to do one thing for me: Go back to whatever swamp you crawled out of, you goddamn succubus of fun.

  • edc

    america sucks the cock.

  • Andriy

    … stupid gallery – ALL GIRLS WANT TO LOOK BEST, espessialy on wedding day!!! so – “w..ers”!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    no edc im think everywhere in the universe but America sucks cock. including whatever 2-bit soccer ball fucking poor ass 3rd world excuss for a country you live in.

    theres no need 2 be jealous

  • Maria

    Fat one is funny

  • Anonymous

    They all look so happy on their wedding day… They all looked like they were being forced to smile and doing a half ass job at it.

  • xsforeyes

    good lord

    what’s with these eurochicks always oiling themselves?

    i had a russian girlfriend who’d been living in estonia for several years before she came here and she was always putting this horrible oil on her face

    no matter how many times i asked her not to she insisted that it made her attractive

  • kman

    Americans have this misconception that everyone is jealous of theyre backward 3rd world nation of fascist retarded rednecks with too many guns is something that we really give a fuck about… Seriously americans think they are the world.. while their crappy arse country , and global hegemony is corrupt and failing.. dont make us laugh.. you couldnt pay me a million dollars to live in your fucked up retarded hicksville.. exploited by corporate right wing honchos your country is a joke,..what happened to Rome in centuries is taking America years.. your time is up and your country is totally with it.. theres nothing to be jealous of.. youve got nothing; no jobs , no quality of life , no economy .. youve got false promises based on 100% failure.. bit like capitalism.. and yes im white and from a white nation.. lol

  • kman

    everyone in the world knows.. americans are the most superficial pieces of cliched trash with about as much intelligence as retards on smack on a good day.
    Your whole way of life makes the rest of us sick.. and the planet would be a better place without you self important yanks pissing in everyone else pocket constantly…
    Seriously.. wake the fuck up and smell the poo your consuming like silly fat pigs swilling swine.
    Your country sucks.. we arent jealous of anything.. We laugh at you lack of rights.. you have no freedoms.. your right to bear arms means you are legally allowed to kill each other.. if you even tried going against your govt theyd mass murder you in a second.. what the fuck are a couple of aks going to do? you have no jobs.. you are the lowest paid workers in the entire western world apart from 3rd world countries.. in fact america is a 3rd world country.. you just dont know it.

  • kman

    Kman, did your mommy beat you or did your family just hate you in general?

  • Lu

    These women are not mail-order brides.
    The pictures are just advertisement from a hairdresser’s website.

  • Chewdog

    Ermmmmm… I think I'll save my money for beer and porn instead.

  • Diggers

    No wonder the Russian men drink so much vodka

  • jojo

    this dude is way too angry.

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