• Korner

    Aphrodisiac farts are the shit ! – Shrek

  • jniz

    I thought I had the part already SHREK …!!!!

  • Richard

    When Fiona’s gone, Shrek has his way with Little Red Riding Hood and subsequently all other fairy tail ladies.

  • kronusG

    “God, I Love my job!”

  • matt

    “After he caught Fiona performing her own “Donkey Show”, Shrek trolled the local parks in search of Far Far Away’s Next Top Model”

  • Peter

    Oral shrex

  • Gam3boy

    That’ll do slut, that’ll do!

  • Authentic One

    …Wendy delivers for her 40th Birthday. WOW!

  • top dog

    Damn thats bigg!!!

  • Nom

    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

  • Razi Navarro

    Hurry up kid, or someone will notice.

  • jordan

    where is chris hanson when u need him!

  • Matt GErmain

    I have a huge E-Shrek-Crion!

  • "J"

    *belch* “Better out than in, I always say”

  • Salley Crew

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  • almost6

    Crack whores are so easy.

  • Daryl

    NOM…. NOM….. NOM

  • Anonymous

    im a grower not a show-er

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