This photo gallery will make you feel normal and smart. (25 photos)

a idiot dumb fail funny 5 This photo gallery will make you feel normal and smart. (25 photos)

  • xclusive02


  • digitsis

    The dude with the wings is great!!

  • Robo Cop

    I don’t think I’ve felt more smart or normal all week. People and tats, gotta wonder if they really have a clu

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  • robin yates

    some really good pics today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesn’t the guy in the first pic look a total knob ?

  • Mike Kirby

    Hah! The facepainted mug shot is Paul Addis. I know him. I once interviewed to be his roommate!

  • robin yates

    still good to see so many,,,er peculiar people

  • HarryBalszak

    Mmm, swasticookies!

  • jenna

    the ball sack on the truck is hilarious and my neighbors actually have that on their jeep!!! haha

  • BobIsNotMyName

    The dude in #22 is actually scaling the building freehanded right?

  • saffer

    What's wrong with the lady on 10, only 3 out of 9 swasticas the right way. I call big nazi FAIL.

    • Flicka

      Maybe she's a Jainist?

  • patrick

    I know the girl in number 20, this was at our senior prom the dress and suit are entirely made of duct tape, whats scary is she is now studying fashion marketing at Knet State University

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