I'm pretty sure these chicks are 'shopped (15 Photos)

chicks shopped lead I'm pretty sure these chicks are 'shopped (15 Photos)

Photos from photoshopdisasters.com via oddee.com

  • xclusive02

    Im pretty sure those were neatly shopped

  • omnomnomnom

    they could just be freaks y’know?

  • googo

    How cool it would be, not to have a but crack !?

  • blueberryvoodoo

    the givenchy isn't shopped, they're standing on a mirror with their legs father back. and in the amy winehouse they just cut out the rest of her mother's arm from where they were holding hands. just sayin

    • atx

      truth, at least about givenchy

  • robin yates

    some people are not very good at their job,,,,,,,,,,,,,always check before saying you are done

  • angel rose

    some of them scared me lmmfao not the exorcist one but the other wow freaky and scary crap esp the double hand and arms ugh

  • Ham

    For the OK! Magazine one, Tara is the one in green and Helen is the one in purple/pink in the bottom corner. So I don't get what the photo shop fail is.

    • Womp

      the skinny one in green is missing a leg

  • Ken

    That scene in the Exorcist still freaks me out!

  • mineallmine

    Not a shop! I know for a fact that Michelle Branch has no butt crack.

  • Brandon

    The one in the green is missing her right leg…

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