Worst celebrity wax figures EVER (20 photos)

a worst celebrity wax figures 13 Worst celebrity wax figures EVER (20 photos)

  • xclusive02

    david beckham and michael jackson look real, other then that, the rest are horrid

  • chivetalker

    these are TERRIBLE.

  • Beefy

    They look like Playstation game renditions of celebrities. Sort of there but not quite…

  • huh

    Which Cher is real?

  • Hyacinth

    I wouldn’t have a clue who some of the wax figures are supposed to be if you didn’t have a picture of the person next to it. Wow.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    LOL, MJ with a headband?

  • Linnie

    Haha I love how Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock looks like trannys 😀
    And the MJ one is just horrible :’D

  • Moi

    Aargh, they look like ventriloquists’ dummies…

  • Mila

    Well, to be fair, Michael Jackson was already mostly wax anyway — nothing much to do to create a copy, they probably even still had the mould for him there somewhere.

    • Milan


  • britchick

    Ha ha ha ha! Soooo bad!

  • aaron

    I think the last one with jacko is wrong the wax is on the right.

    • George W. Bush

      STFU you dimwit.

  • latallal

    Why does clinton have a weird ass cat next to his head?
    Is it cause he like’s the pussy!

  • digitsis

    Those are insane! And I concur with many of the other commentors, the Michael Jackson wax figure looks real.

  • DUD

    wax Julia Roberts looks like Fabio….

  • Anonymous

    micheal jackson looks real

  • sib

    first 4 are the funniest

  • darth

    they are so ugly

  • darth

    they are so ugly, the wax one too

  • Christa

    I can’t which is the real Michael Jackson

  • Hugh Jass

    Michael Jackson’s wax figure looks more lifelike than the real life photo of him

    • Britney Spears

      STFU you idiot

  • kentuckycactus

    Okay boys, get your lighters. We’re gonna fix this mess

  • angel rose

    the one of odipshit is pretty much spot on and as for the dead child molester at the bottom who cares?

    • Taylor Swift

      Go to hell you smelly piece of white trash

  • roberto


  • Anthony

    Are you sure that isn’t Bob Hope instead of Jack Nicholson? (Seriously!)

    • Andrew

      Yes, that one is Bob Hope.

  • C

    Isn’t this from the same place where Conan O’Brian got his wax figures of the Fonz and Tom Cruise?

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