Worst celebrity wax figures EVER (20 photos)

a worst celebrity wax figures 13 Worst celebrity wax figures EVER (20 photos)

  • netoe

    which of the two michaels is the wax one?

  • fritzz

    I think they are all very good

    • Silverback

      You are so dumb.

  • kevin

    well the one of JACK NICHOLSON isnt the jack wax figure thats the figure of comedian BOB HOPE!

  • Andrew

    The Drew Barrymore one would work better, if they did not put the wrong hair on the wax figure. She never had hair like that.

    Julia Robert face in a wax reproduction would have to be made from a laser scan that is transferred to a Computer Aided Milling machine. Nobody can sculpt her face right from a few photos.

  • vicki

    they should do all of them over again and right not like this


    These look like sloppy sex doll versions more so than wax figures. I often wonder what goes on at these museums after dark……

  • jackie

    MICHEAL JACKSON is the only one they got right…he looked bad and you could not tell

  • toya

    all of them look horrible
    except michael jackson he looks gorgeous

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