Daily morning randomness 7.22.09 (25 photos)

a random funny 4d 1 Daily morning randomness 7.22.09 (25 photos)

  • Equalizer

    Again, very FUNNY…

  • xclusive02

    pretty good. I like the tats on that one girl. The muslim dating website highlarious, and GET OFF THE FUCKING TRACTOR IS PRICELESS

  • latallal

    The last picture is hilarious!

  • darth

    last one is great

  • at work

    get off the tractor lol

  • jamen

    when i go to the farm i usually hear “hey you, get the fack off my daughter!” followed closely after with “bang bang bang!!!” car engines starting, then chase music. i dunno, maybe im alone on that one….

  • MikeC

    Good Lord that suicide girl is H.O.T.!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The muslims need to leave our country. The backlash to all of their belligerent unacceptable behavior is coming. It’s them or us.

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