• xclusive02

    that is awesome.

    • David

      may i add that i am relieved that Canada (from what i unndastred) is done w. the S. Cup now. since i live in downtown ottawa (where the team that was defeated is from (i know u know that Rob, just incase someone else reads my comment…) and i am just glad to be done wtih the huge fever of it all – all the people being loud, horns honking, flags … i guess i am a typical librarian 🙂 (well if u can call me typical that is) that wants things quiet and in order! 🙂 how are things for you going? are you still liking your new job?

  • digitsis


  • darth

    that would be a bad handjob

  • Qwerty

    one of 'em is going to be my background

  • mee


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