You gotta' be kidding me (14 Photos)

roller skate coaster You gotta' be kidding me (14 Photos)

Extreme skater Dirk Auer skated the Tripps Drill Roller Coaster in Stuggart Germany wearing only a pair of customized in-line skates. Reaching speeds of 90 km/hr on the first hill, it took him less than a minute to complete the track. Because of the likelihood of a rogue nail which would ’cause instant death’, this was considered one of the most dangerous stunts ever.

Photos from Kappes Adventure Press/ Bankroft Media via Telegraph UK

  • dearek

    that was unbelievable

  • xclusive02


  • Equalizer

    he probably peed in his pants in doing that (what ‘am I thinking?!)

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I demand a video of this event!!!

  • yazi

    why did he bother wearing safety gear? i’m thinking it wouldn’t have mattered much.

  • digitsis

    Wow! That looks like fun. I would like to outfit my mini and go down a track like that

  • gozergirl

    cool? Yes.
    However, I don’t think the helmet is going to help too much in the event of an accident.

  • Anonymous

    that looks sketchy 😛

  • robin yates

    guys like him discovered the new world,,,,,,,,,,, went to the moon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and had crazy insane fun doing it,,,,,,,,,awesome guy !!!

  • doa

    what is rogue nail??

  • darth

    crazy shit

  • .

    how did he stop? if the skates had brakes, they wud hav just slammed him head first into da track

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  • Chiver

    Video or its fake.

  • underground

    Seems to me like his legs would have been broken when he was stopping but… EH. This still looks like a wicked good time to me.

  • Nate_karr

    you people are retarded in thinking his brakes would have stopped him immediatley when hitting speeds up to 90 km/hr. does your car immediatly stop when you hit the brakes? i’m sure his braking system was set up as a friction brake when the more pressure you apply the more friction is created in which friction causes you to slow down. i’m sure he used them on turns and when at times he was a little uncomfortable….

    but this dude is awesome.

  • robert ball

    Stone cold crazy! Insane! Out of his freakin’ mind! Death wish to the MAX! Idiot! But, I’ll sure bet it was a gas!

  • mistersinister

  • Chrizavil

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