2009 World Wife Carrying Championship (12 photos)

a wife carry finland 3 2009 World Wife Carrying Championship (12 photos)

Read more about this disturbing event HERE

  • digitsis

    most 'sports' are pointless

    • Diggers

      Not true. The winning team always receives at least 1 point for winning.

  • robin yates

    seems a rather pointless excercise to me

  • Equalizer

    how romantic for couples…

  • xclusive02

    they have been doing this for several years now. It could be worse. If this helps couples not get divorced, more power to them.

  • darth

    I’d have my wife carry me, then cook me dinner.

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  • Laura

    …crazy Finns. I always thought it was a cute competition not to mention a fun one to watch. Sure it’s pointless but so is every other sport in the world. At least this sport doesn’t involve steroid controversies…

  • Davide

    needed here

  • LT B

    I did this contest for 18 years straight until I realized there is no winner and quit.

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