The sexiest fountain in all of Russia (25 Photos)

sexy pool russia The sexiest fountain in all of Russia (25 Photos)
Except for the occasional butterface!

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  • Catra

    Wasn't this in Ukraine ?

    • Adora

      this Moscow,Russia

  • Jonathan Passow

    In Soviet Russia, fountain sexies you!

  • aaron

    i love this, average girls are the best.

  • darth

    All the Russian brides I’ve bought have been cold as ice, not wet.

  • bigdaddy

    russian women are yummy!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmm russian

  • robin yates

    russia,,,,,ukraine,,,,,,so many beautiful girls

  • latallal


  • vertigo

    yeah, we have =P

  • whata

    brb, moving to russia.

  • Vince

    So what fountain is this? Where is it?

  • Daniel

    I was there last year. Its a fountain right outside Red Square with several big horses in the middle of it.

  • hannah

    i was looking at their tits so much i didn’t notice their faces. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • The Adam

    Indeed Comrade, best fountain of all the motherland. 😛

  • top dog

    Tits, thank god they are not square. HUNGRY!!!!!!!!

  • Ajniz

    Must alter travel plans.

  • jeff in Australia

    The best thing about these pics…apart from the obvious..?
    They do not appear to be posed, and most of the girls seem HAPPY..

  • Anonymous

    Some of the photos – Independence Square

  • non commy

    wow! some of these Commies are pretty hot!

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