• Bevin

    omg not cool

  • klhlhkhlkj;hk;hk;

    wow that is so sad

  • Equalizer

    That is what I called: “Good Parenting”.

  • Zombie Jesus

    1 was smart enough not to fall, evolution at work.

  • xclusive02

    it’s not funny, yet it keeps making its way on the website

  • Hezakiah Hollyfield

    That just ruined my day

  • britchick

    They are ducklings, surely? Not “duck chicks”?
    I’m sure they would have made it out the other end!

  • Ampatent

    I’m disturbed that the photographer simply let this happen…

  • LOL

    Now we know why stupid people are called bird brains. 😦

  • Allen Walker

    No….. I hope the photographer opened that gutter up and got those ducks.

  • Your mom

    Listen up you sensitive pricks. Just because the little chicklets “fell through life’s little cracks” does not mean they are dead. Is there a blender below all sewer drains? Maybe there are pillows and strippers down there? Ever thought of that? Just my 2-cents, now off to KFC!

  • no-so-liberal

    ha now she will want a bail out and some government assistants and she will then sue the city for making the storm drain.

    Nanny-State; Bans storm drains.

  • darth

    ha, stupid duck!

  • bigdaddy


  • Angelo

    Hahahahhahaha. They are fine everyone. Like someone else said, they made it out one end. Or they opened it and pulled ’em out.

  • John

    They’re dead. Story link:

  • manz

    looks shopped to me

  • erin

    or maybe all the ducklings passed over it and the one lonely duckling you all see is the last one to make it over, and they’re all standing safely on the sidewalk, and the moma duckie heard somethin in the drain and turned to look. ever think of that???????

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    The title lied.

  • Jesus Juice

    wow, you guys are so fucking sensitive. Learn to laugh a little.

  • Anonymous

    now the pack is stonger than ever. weed out the weak. it’s like my beer drinking theory. the more i drink the smarter i get. it kills off the weak brain cells.

  • adria

    seriously, this ruined my day completely.. so sad =(

  • Razor

    The Mommy Duck and Baby Duckling made it….but then they were backed over by the car parked on the curb!

  • chloe


  • Anonymous

    hahaha stupid duck ROTFL

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