• nelly02

    thats so photoshopped you muppets. calm down!

  • ooogleme325

    Considering the first picture has 6 ducklings, and the next one 5, iii think there’s something odd.

  • teight

    Someone went down and got them… old story

    • teight

      damit! a friend just sent me this!!! thought it was from today, then I noticed it was from an '09 post… silly me

  • ...
  • Alan

    You know, you're absolutely right. I don't believe a word of that Darwin/Evolution/Natural selection mumbo jumbo. Seriously, I challenge you to show me One good example of this in the real world…

  • Mithcoriel

    The sad thing is, I'm not sure the duck mother will be smart enough to learn from this mistake. Maybe next time she has a flock of chicks she'll just walk over it again. She only knows that her chicks were somehow lost here, but does she know why?

  • LOL

    The link doesn’t work when I click on it John. I also tried putting in my browser and it doesn’t work either. 😦

    Are ya fooling us or is it broken?

    Dead or not, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like there’s a duck shortage going on. I bet the Dad duck was PISSED when she got home! “I sent you out there with SIX and you bring back one?!? WTF?!?”

  • kbud

    not really actually thats natural selection

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