World: Meet Katelyn. (27 photos)

a katelyn hot model 141 World: Meet Katelyn. (27 photos)

Thanks to the anonymous person who emailed us these sexy pics of Katelyn.
If you are hot, or have a hot friend, do the world a favor and send us a bunch of photos to: thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Chances are if the girl is smokin, we will post em. Just include the first name of the young lady and feel free to leave your identity at the door. All submissions will remain anonymous.

  • Robo Cop

    Thanks Mom!
    Kaitlin looks like another one of those high maintenance “party” girls that like to go out to expensive clubs until all hours of the night, flirting and CT-ing her way around the room.

    No thanks,

  • Equalizer

    your welcome.

  • Chris

    Same smile in EVERY picture, would love to see this as a flip book.

  • Zombie Jesus

    I should thank “Mom” for these but somehow I think thanking facebook would be much more appropriate

  • jonboy

    Actually, I find the friend in photos 1, 2, 8 & 9 to be much much more attractive.
    (and I’m usually a blonde-first kinda guy.)

  • xclusive02

    Thank you for the introduction. She is a very nice dresser. Glad she doesn’t come across as a ho, or the gallery would be a little dissapointing.

  • chivetalker

    effin’ HOT!

  • chivetalker

    I love that she looks as hot in a sweat shirt and hair band as she does in a dress. That’s sexy.

  • C

    Vapid, useless waste of space.

  • Amazing

    She’s one of those fake pretty girls. She bleaches her hair (a lot), wears too much makeup, and tans in a bed. Maybe she has a great personality, but I doubt that since she looks like the party girl. Can’t be fun without booze.

  • Jonathan Passow

    Yep, she’s shallow.

  • volta

    i don’t get it…

  • latallal

    She’s nice but i rather like the brunette more, she’s the one in the first couple of pictures and in a few others too.

  • Jon

    i wonder who “anonymously” send in these photos.. hmmm…..

  • darth

    I’d put in in her pooper.

  • Jono

    Yep, shes hot.

  • bigdaddy

    holy shnikeys

  • whawhawhat??!!

    is this yer damn girlfriend or something…..nuthin special

  • lol

    People who complain about this are either gay or retarded. Or both

  • Inulin


    I heard this rumor, that it was possible to look good without bleaching your hair OR a ton of tanning.

    I wrote that joke in my journal!

  • Anonymous

    nice to meet you! xD

  • robin yates

    I doubt the curtains match the carpet,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Don

    I want to know… Do the cuff links match ?

  • kyng

    shes not that hot. 6.5/10 compared to other galleries

  • jo moma

    tits or GTFO

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