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The Chive needs your photos, or else…

chive rules lobster The Chive needs your photos, or else...
Hello to all the Chivers in Chiveland. Thanks for making us the fastest-growing entertainment site on earth! But the Chive is only as good as you make it. Send all Hot Chick, WTF, Photobomber, and ORIGINAL random photos to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com


-If you’re Aunt and Uncle think the photos are funny, they aren’t.
-If you’ve seen the photos before one hundred times, chances are, we have too.
-If the photos are too NSFW, we can’t use them, but send them anyway.
-If you think you’re an awesome photographer, send us your stuff. Don’t be shy. If we like it we’ll post your photos with a link to you and your blog.
-If you’re hot, looking in the mirror, and thinking about taking a photo of yourself, do it.

Chive On!
-Leo and John

  • CatFag

    How many pictures of my pretty kitties do you want? You guys are gay for cat pictures, right? Well, it seems that way.

  • robin yates

    it is pics like these that make the Chive so fascinating,,,,,,,,,,thanks guys

  • Jonathan Passow


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