Monday Motivational Posters (20 photos)

a funny motivational poster sd 25 Monday Motivational Posters (20 photos)

  • Anonymous

    The individuality guys an idiot.

    That bear can just climb right on up that tree.

    That monkey is fucking cool. I'd hate to be the SOB who tied him on though. 😀

    • Sissi

      the monky is tied to the bull, he dosn´t have a chose!

      • MikeyMate


      • Mary Jane Forall

        I totally agree with Sissi on that one. I like all the pics except for the bull and monkey one. Neither of those animals had a choice. The other pics are great! 😀

  • abilities651

    some of the best ones yet!!

  • Digitsis

    Yes – the bear one is the best picture. Is that monkey tied to that bull? If so,that is pretty sad

  • Equalizer

    I hate WAR but love PUSSY

  • CyBeX

    Man this blog is a total rip off of other (decent) image forums!

  • Girls We’d Love to Wake Up to. |

    […] I love these funny motivational posters that are out there. It’s always funny to read and see the pictures attached to them. See how you feel about this group of random motivational posters. (TheChive) […]

  • TexasGeez

    The 12 pic is of a dude!!!!!!I hate war….but I hate dudes trying to be woman even more

  • Jimbo

    Wait, isn't that lake manmade?

  • D Mc

    Spoilers.. Make movies go faster! Spoiler Alert!
    -He was a ghost the whole time
    -It was his sled
    -Big D dies
    -They were the same guy
    -That guy never existed

  • Always Last


  • SreyaNotfilc

    I wonder what the photographer did to anger that bear.

  • MacheteJak

    There’s the Door, up^ there^. The address bar. Type something else, and GOODBYE.

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