Psst… your makeup totally sucks (17 Photos)

makeup sucks bad Psst... your makeup totally sucks (17 Photos)

Images via masalatimes

  • Anonymous

    1st girl, I’d still hit it. Spiders on her eyes or not. 😀

  • Anonymous

    girl in picture 11. her makeup is actually well done. its blended very nicely. definitely not a wearable look, but regardless its nice. she betta work!

  • abilities651

    just like high school all over again.

  • kirstyyy

    lmao, that old woman in the last one, that made my day 😀

  • Digitsis

    Good Gawd people – what are you thinking?

  • steph

    some of these are really well done, and are obviously not for everyday purposes. some are probably for halloween, a dance show, fashion show or something like that and don’t belong here at all!

  • spoo

    14 looks good in that they look just like Dir en grey members, which I’m pretty sure is what they were going for.

  • robin yates

    nothing wrong with being different,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and it all washes off !

  • Moxxi

    You know how some pluck out their eyebrows and draw them on? I think the first one plucked out her eyes and drew them on… look closely.

  • Jim Davis 1st

    Like Eye have been saying,Eye love make-up and lots of it,and I also like the kind of make up on the face too,not only making UP!

  • Equalizer

    (Last Picture): Grandma’s waiting for her blind date.

  • kentuckycactus

    okay, let’s all settle on one thing. Thank god they aren’t tattoos.

  • Anonymous

    some of this makeup is actually pretty good, its just not made or average wear. but in general the post title is accurate.

  • Maria

    LOL the last one is so funny!!!

  • bbymkr

    The first girl is HOT!!

  • ella

    I wonder if any of these people actually took that seriously and went out looking like that…I feel bad for them maybe they didn’t have mother to teach them how to do it or maybe they just have too much time and cheap makeup

  • Bexter

    Ha the first one’s got a five-head lol

  • the_mike

    You're doing it wrong…

  • Jawbone

    You slap lipstick on fucking pigs, this is what you get.

  • CanadianPiper

    #1 I dig it…let the haters hate

  • jka

    LOL if you thought some of these were well done I’d love to see what your makeup looks like. “Fashion” “Halloween” whatever, they still suck.

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