Your kid is fat. Stop feeding it garbage. (20 photos)

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  • Mayra

    I need help cuse my son just wants to eat junk food.. I know I failed ass a Mom but it’s hard to say noooo….

    • Alex

      No it's not hard to say no. Stand your ground as a parent and have your kids accept the fact that they can't eat whatever they want whenever they want. Limit video game activity, tv watching, etc. You probably have a DVR so record the shows he does like but keep them locked onto a password only you know. This way he has to earn his time to watch what he wants with exercise.

  • Marc-Olivier Lalonde

    #1 -You gonna eat that stapler?
    -What? You can't eat–
    -Wanna split it?

  • Seleta

    iI dont like fat kids, my friend has a son that is mexican, and he is soooo fat, that I feel ashamed to be seeing w him. He is only 7yrs and its so fat that I hate him so much.

  • Red

    I dont get any of it. Kids like this and worse, to include adults. I'm by no means skinny. I'm 270 some what fat ass. I don't do much far as exercise, don't always eat the best foods. Mostly do to cost. I'm not getting any bigger. Yet there are kids 11-17 yrs old and look like they are 2 of me. Sometimes more. Wtf? How? No jk, there is, I don't type was because I know he still that way, cheeks the size of my fists. But if I say anything, I'm the asshole.

  • Red

    Hey CHIVE, make a section that for pics- there should be laws against people like you wearing clothes like that. Maybe word it better. Maybe there will one day be a law. I'm nothing much to look at, but freakin A… I have the decency not to wear cloths that make me look like a pils berry (fucking phone won't let me type it proper no matter how I do it) dough can exploded. Live and let live. Want to be wide as Wal mart doors, by all means feel free, but please don't force me to see what you see in the mirror

  • Kevin

    At least the Hippos are suppose to fat and it seems they are the only ones exercising.

  • atsirkp

    I know these children are obese and it is wrong that their parents have allowed this to happen by not providing proper food and education, but could you not have had the decency to blur their faces out?
    What do you think it will do to a 12 year old girl when someone shows her her picture on the Chive making the world laugh at her??
    Have been a fan of the Chive, but hurting children is NOT FUNNY!!!!
    Please remove their faces before you cause irreparable damage to a CHILD!!

  • Anonymous

    ful pic

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