• Chris

    Job Fair in Russia

  • Mr. GQ

    Boy, drafting happens earlier and earlier.

  • abilities651

    the governments next great idea to fight terrorism

  • robin yates

    not worthy of a comment from me

  • Ben

    School gun amnesty turns up trumps.

  • j.galt

    “Would your child like to try our new Pixie-Stix design?

  • IK

    NEW NERF AK-48, now with real deaths

  • dan

    I was wondering when they were gonna get sick of chicken nuggets and fries.

  • imdbpussy

    Does this come in Fisher Price blue?

  • Anonymous

    all of a suddenly the pokeman cards for gun promotion seemed like a bad idea….

  • CMKdesigns

    still safer than letting them chat on the internet

  • Equalizer

    Their is Strong and Their is Army Strong! America needs you! Apply Early…

  • GonzaBee

    Young Republicans

  • Bradass

    Since the Passing of Michael Jackson Kids No Longer Feel the need to Protect Themselves.

  • antdak

    The New Tots for Guns Program

  • Axel

    Don’t hit kids, No seriously..they have guns now!

  • Anonymous


  • knasty

    It’s not an abortion if the kid is already born….

  • MikeyEdge

    Christmas at Ted Nugent’s Ranch

  • CyBeX

    :caption: Oh look our Picture wound up on a shitty ebaumsworld knockoff who thieves pictures from other sites, and slaps their fucking logo all over them.

  • jniz

    Now wait a minute … alls we gots to do is sell this crack for you and the guns is ares … ?

  • onandonanon

    These kids are ready for Pedo Bear

  • Jared

    say “bang” to strangers

  • matt

    The parents at last weeks Tea Party decided to take things to the next level.

  • Todd

    “We are the world, we are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So lets start killing…”

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