• Peter

    Thank God for permission slips.

  • GabachoMike

    Okay kids, again – what do you do when they guy in the van comes down YOUR street again?

  • Getzen

    Obama’s new plan for safer schools

  • goldeneagle

    Blonde girl “For stopping power I prefer…” Boy “Pffft, stopping power”. Brunette girl “ask her about bullet velocity”. Ha ha.

  • Joel

    Somehow the Toys for Gun’s exchange did not work out as planned.

  • stafferty

    After the massive adoption of african children by Pitt and Jolie, white children are now being shiped to Africa to fill the need for children soldiers

  • Matt

    50% OFF
    Get ’em while they last

  • Lizaa

    Before Hannah Montana comes on stage.

  • Razi Navarro

    Hey Johnny, look into the hole, see what this button does !

  • "brain"

    Sarah Palin takes the local kids on a field trip

  • Anonymous

    Iran, we’re coming for you

  • jordan

    they replaced their legos with mega blocks and everything just went to hell afterwards

  • My_T_G_D

    “Watch Jenny This Is How You Pop A Cap In Ah Bitch.”

  • Anonymous

    Annual Redneck Symposium

  • andyp311

    America. Fuck Yeah!

  • Evan


  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Brooks

    Green Berets? Those are out of style…

  • Ryan Joel

    "Young ' uns" Army recruitment/daycare program.

  • blueberryvoodoo


  • Anonymous

    Shoot out the star and win a teddy bear!

  • matt

    America needs you to go back to Engrish Crass

  • matt


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