There are sexy Chivers among us (20 Photos)

lead photo cool There are sexy Chivers among us (20 Photos)

If you’re hot, and you visit The Chive, isn’t it time you took a hot photo of yourself and sent it to thechivesubmit [at] ? It think it’s time you did.

  • Equalizer

    YOU are all HOT!!!… Thanks Girls!

  • LastassStanding

    OMG I know one of these girls. lmao

  • Jonathan Passow

    Almost all of them look shallow.

  • Moi

    My god, those two girls are so damn orange.

  • Stephanie

    The only thing shallow going on here is judging someone’s character based on looks. Being attractive doesn’t make you a bad person. I’m sure, though, that anyone close to looking as good as these girls would reject YOU, Mr. Passow, so I can see why you’re bitter. Based on this bitterness you’re expressing, I would have to guess that you’ve never had the pleasure of being with an attractive girl, and that you’re not terribly attractive yourself. Yet look how shallow you are! See? There’s no correlation.

  • Stephanie

    Also…. that last girl is mega-hot.

  • Dez!

    2 girls in pic #2 are great!!


  • Anonymous

    moar boar wants moar

  • robin yates

    some reallt good looking girls here,,,,,,,,, I agree with the comments made about the girls being “shallow “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I rejoice everyday when I see an attractive female

    • Shadow Sterks

      Ahmen to you sir. You stole the words from my mouth. Thank you to all the lovely ladies for giving me a ray of bright sunshine on a boring friday. By the way you all win my votes fuck democracy.

  • harish talreja

    two girls are very hot so i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rudeboi

    what is it with white guys and skinny blonds with big titties?

  • yoda

    I for one totally believe that each and every one of these girls are reading this site constantly and reading our comments. If I’m charming enough I bet one of them will get in touch with me. Then they will look beyond my muscular exterior to my heart of gold that helps geriatric children suffering from TBA at the make a wish foundation. Now is my time to shine. hey laaaddiiieesss

  • omnomnomnom


  • UberLiz

    #4: Please tweeze your effing eyebrow.

  • Anonymous

    #6 is to be taken down immediately.

  • linda2001

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  • xclusive02

    you guys have some awesome fans here. keep it up.

  • Dan

    Anybody know the girl in the last photo? Whats her name?

  • robin yates

    lovely girls, every single one,,,,,,, and who cares if that makes me a “shallow ” person ?

  • Maria

    Wow , the last one got my vote, she is the hottest one.

  • xclusive02

    checked this out again just because, and thanks again for making my day.

  • Rajeev Ranjan Kumar

    I want hot milk of these girls bo……..

  • aman-duh

    some -most- of these girls are not pretty or hot at all. I don’t see it, dudes.

  • Ahmad

    عجب كس هائي ! الهي هركي اين كس ها را مي كنه حرومش باشه !..من هم دلم از اين كس ها مي خواد !

  • Anonymous


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