There are sexy Chivers among us (20 Photos)

lead photo cool There are sexy Chivers among us (20 Photos)

If you’re hot, and you visit The Chive, isn’t it time you took a hot photo of yourself and sent it to thechivesubmit [at] ? It think it’s time you did.

  • at work

    This is great.

  • at work

    the girl in the first pic is soooo hot

  • aosux

    Judge, man! Judge the hell out ’em. And when you’re finished with them find some more whores to judge. No offense ladies…well done.

  • 76United

    Enough of sexy chivers being among us. I want the sexy chivers to be on top of me!

  • Why Not?

    19 FTW

  • Always Last


  • David

    Why do you have to look for the negatives when looking at pictures of hot girls? I would question your sexuality, but I think you already know the answer

  • jeffzero

    Stephanie, you rock! Most of the girls on here are very pretty. Many are well built. Some may be shallow, but as our gracious hosts @ The Chive have said many many times, who cares? To judge someone based on some random picture taken, is ridiculous AND shallow itself. What if the lighting was crappy, or the camera sucked? And it couldn’t EVER be from photoshop…

    Why can’t we just sit back, and enjoy the scenery? I’m stuck at work and am thankful daily that The Chive has come into my life. What else am I gonna do here??

  • Jonathan Passow

    It’s the internet, I’m allowed to judge people based on how they look 😉

    Besides, what does it say about your personality when you can’t stop texting on your phone in pictures? (ref to title shot on this page)

  • Anonymous

    Can you tell me what else we’re supposed to judge them on? I don’t see a biography under any of the pictures. It’s human nature to judge. If you’re not picky, you’ll never be happy.

    Worse than overly judgmental people are self-righteous morons.

  • Mr. Quackers

    Which one?

  • Michael

    I completely agree with you. Nothing more to say really…

  • timz76

    the point is you’re NOT supposed to judge them. fuckin dumbass… get over your dumbass self, and grow up. so what if these girls look just like the ones who made fun of you in high school. DEAL. it’s time to move on.

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